for applicants
Adds are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Removals happen on Sundays after 8pm EST.

Set up an OOC contact post and a “friends only” post within your journal, dated on the month and day on which you are applying. Potential members should apply with no outside friends or sub-communities linked to their journal. We ask that usernames only include the name of your celebrity, without extra words, numbers, or underscores.

Our top priority is that in-character and out-of-character lines are not to be crossed within the game, and that our members feel safe. We encourage members to only enable commenting from registered users.

Please note and agree upon applying that we will not answer questions about why an application was deleted. Rejections happen when we have reviewed your examples and we do not, for various reasons, see your writing as a good fit for the current style of writing we have seen in our members. We will let you know if a rejection could be pending for other reasons (i.e. a friends list that needs cleared out, or if we cannot access your examples). If this happens, you may feel free to provide more in depth or current examples and apply again at any time in the future.

Once you’re accepted into biography, you have three days to post in adding introducing yourself to the community.

Depending on mod availability and the number of applications in the queue, we may do adds on a day other than T/TH/S. If this happens to your application, you’ll have three days from the following Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday set of adds to post your introduction.

We expect members to update their journals every two weeks. You must post in your journal every fourteen days or you risk being overridden or removed. Every three posts (or every six weeks if you post more often than usual), each member is expected to post something that requires effort in their journal as opposed to a placeholder entry. Think along the lines of written entries above 100 words, playlists, collages, lists, Q&A's, comment-heavy games (such as word association, truth or dare, personalized playlists) or other HTML-heavy posts. One liners and image placeholders will not count as a substantial update, but may be utilized in the weeks between your third post. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question as to what we consider substantial, knowing that you should be safe if it's clear some effort went into one post within 6 weeks. Keep in mind that you may post as many placeholders as you want within your journal, as long as there is something significant within every six week period. The exception to this rule exists through our update pass points system, where you can earn an additional two weeks, as detailed here. Need update inspiration? Feel free to use our update prompts located here.

We do not allow the backdating of entries, therefore, they must be visible to the friends page upon posting. The exception to this exists in our update passes, which you can read more about here. Future dated posts for activities, or filtered posts that are not visible to the entire community, do not count as your bi-weekly entry. There are two things members should note to avoid being overridden: Keep, at minimum, your three most current entries friends locked and not private, as we may need to be able to monitor your comment activity if an override is in question, and we may need to check whether or not you've utilized placeholders for over six weeks. We do not ban, but discourage disabling comments on entries, as this will look the same to us as not responding to the comments you receive given that you are unable to receive comments, and could result in your role being overridden as noted below.

There are four ways wherein current members become eligible for override:
1. When their journal has not been publicly updated within two weeks. The exception to this rule is if the member has asked us for an update extension, ensuring they're active in their role otherwise.
2. If they have used placeholder entries for every post they have made within six weeks. The exception to this rule is if an update pass is used in that time, giving them an additional two weeks to post something other than a placeholder entry.
3. When they have not responded to a minimum of half of the comments they have received on all of their entries posted within 6 weeks (3 update deadlines). We will be looking at this to a strict 50% of comments left versus comments replied to, but this is not something we will be checking by the week unless an override is in question. We cannot enforce members to have long comment threads, therefore we will look solely at initial comments left untouched for over three days since being posted. Disabling comments on any entry in 6 weeks will work against you on a 33.33% (or one-third) basis, unless you have posted more than 3 entries to which the percentage will change to match the number of entries posted. Meaning, you will have to make up for having disabled comments on one entry within the comments to your other entries to reach your 50% or higher goal, as this is a workaround to a post-and-run. Also note that at least 50% of initial comments on an introduction post must be answered within the first week, otherwise you are eligible for override.
4. If they have not posted an introduction within three days of being accepted.
Note that the above rules only come into play if an override is in question; we will not check for those things unless another writer wants the spot. Roles must remain overridable at the time of adds, so a member can fix the problem(s) before adds and get to stay. Understand that it is hard for us to rely on timestamps for this, and this is what we feel is the most fair to current members. Please comment our mailbox before you attempt to override a role, and we will get back to you on that person's status.

Many things come before your role, and we’re willing to be extremely accommodating to anyone who needs a break, or simply more time to get an entry up in their journal.

Any time something arises that prevents you from being active, but you’re sure you still want to secure your spot, contact us to request a couple more days to get an entry up. This communication is key for us to know you still want to be here!

We ask that hiatuses be no longer than six weeks in duration (starting from the date of your last public entry), but no shorter than two, as that is our update limit and we do allow placeholders most of the time. Additionally, a member must have posted at least one substantial entry in their journal before being eligible for a hiatus from the time they have joined. When you come back from hiatus, if your last substantial entry was posted over six weeks ago, you will be due for a substantial entry upon returning.

It goes without saying that once you’re on a hiatus, no form of public activity will be tolerated. Public activity constitutes as commenting the friends page or 'friends only' posts, updating your user info or icons, or joining in on community-wide activities, games, or chat rooms. We can’t monitor what happens in private interactions in customs, OOC posts, or on AIM, but we hope this option will not be abused. If you break this rule, your hiatus will be revoked, and you will be expected to update your journal by the following set of removals, or risk being overridden.

The right is reserved to deny members’ requests who frequently ask for hiatuses and extensions, especially if they do so without showing much public activity in between. On a similar note, we reserve the right to reject a previous member who has tried and failed to be an active member of biography in the past. Our rule of thumb is a member should be able to have two chances at getting removed and re-applying in a two-month period; however, we will use our discretion when it's been a repeat offense for longer than that. If you are rejected due to too many failed attempts at activity, you will only be re-admitted in the same role after a calendar month has passed, to give any potential other writers a chance.

Note that due to mod availability, removals on Sunday are done after 8 PM EST. If this time of the day is too early for you to post, we suggest arranging your update deadline to be on another day than on Sunday.

Out of respect for our current members, we ask that you do not interact with, or include in any way, ex-members or non-members of biography in the journal you use here. We cannot control what happens in customs, AIM, or in OOC interactions (including rps), but please be mindful of this as it can discourage potential applicants and current "versions" of a celebrity. Failure to do so may result in a warning or further action.

We cannot police this, but we highly encourage our members to steer clear of anonymous interaction. Please do not utilize stat counters/IP address logging in your journal, as we wish to preserve our members’ privacy and safety without use of invasive techniques such as this. We reserve the right to delete comments in our posts perceived to be made by journals attempting to remain anonymous.

On top of the requirements, we do our best to maintain positive activity here at biography! Although, there may be rare instances in which the mod staff have cause to believe that a member is causing unnecessary drama to another, either IC or OOC, we do reserve the right to remove your character after reviewing all sides of the issue.

Free-For-All, Ask-Me-Anything, and various other interactive games will go up on Mondays in bustle. Group activities take place in our opt-in gaming sub-community. You may also earn an update extension through extra activity and effort here via our points system, where you may also find a community calendar with a more in-depth detailing of our events and birthdays!

Mistakes do happen, but please feel free to contact us to correct us on any that you notice. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to bring us your feedback! Any and all comments can be directed to our mailbox, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to having you!